BFLIX Filmmaker's Panel - The Hamptons International Film Festival

The BFLIX five had a screening of their films at the 2009 H.I.F.F followed by a panel discussion titled "New Approaches to Reaching an Audience" with Directors Andrew Hunt, Amy Redford, Antonio Campos and actor Steven Lin. Moderated by the legendary John Sloss. Above are some photos from the event including a video of the panel session.

BFLIX Filmmaker's Panel - Tribeca, New York

This was during the promotional period of the nationwide BFLIX competition sponsored by Bloomingdale's. Four of the five directors and one of the actors came together in a panel at Tribeca after the screening of all five films. It was a fun night.

Thank you to Erica Swallow and Bradden Young who took the above photos and video of the evening.

Filmmaker's Panel on Storytelling at CBS, NEW YORK

"The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century" was a panel on writing for TV and Film that took place at CBS, New York in April, 2009. The panel included award winning filmmaker Andrew Hunt, Emmy-winning director DT Slouffman and News Correspondent Megan Alexander. Moderated by HD News Anchor Dave Cook. Above are some pics and a video of the event.

OSCAR NIGHT - Filmmaker's Panel at the Haven, New York

Andrew was invited to be on a panel with filmmaker Peter Bishai, Actress Anne Bates and Screenwriter Brennan Smith to discuss the films up for "Best Picture" during the 2008 Oscars show at the Haven in New York city. The five films that year: "Atonement", "Juno", "Michael Clayton", "No Country For Old Men", and "There Will Be Blood". Here are a couple of pics from the night along with a video of the discussion.

"The Accidental Activist" Post Screening Q&A - Bahamas Internationall Film Festival

Apologies for the poor quality of the video above - very little light in the theatre during the Q&A