Andrew has made numerous appearances across the world. These include radio and television interviews, film festival panels, and post screening Q&A's. Additionally, he's had the privilege of being a guest lecturer and keynote speaker. Videos and/or pictures from some of the events are available via the links immediately below. For future appearance requests please contact: appearances at andrewhunt dot me

TV & Radio | Panelist | Film Festivals | Consultant | Lecturer | Judge


New York, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer, Asbury University
  • 2012 - Guest lecturer, Baylor University
  • 2011 - Guest lecturer at The King’s College
  • 2011 - Headline Guest on 1ZB National Radio’s “Real Life” 1hr live interview program (NZ)
  • 2011 - Guest speaker at Priority Associates annual dinner
  • 2011 - Host and lecturer of Summer Film Series in NY sponsored by Grace NYC
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer, Baylor University
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at TISCH School of the Arts - NYU (Twice in 2009)
  • 2009 - Panelist at CBS on The Art & Challenge of Storytelling
  • 2009 - Panelist at Hamptons International Film Festival
  • 2009 - Panelist at Tribecca Screening of BFLIX series
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at World Journalism Institute
  • 2009 - Guest speaker, Asbury College
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at NYCAM (New York Center for Arts & Media)
  • 2009 - Guest speaker at Columbia University
  • 2008 - Guest lecturer at World Journalism Institute
  • 2008 - Keynote Speaker, Annual Dinner - Mastermedia
  • 2008 - Part of a panel of Filmmakers discussing the top five Oscar nominated films during an Oscar Screening Party at the Haven (a community of Artists in NYC)
  • 2007/8 - Guest speaker, Asbury College

Jackson, TN, USA:

  • 2012 - Guest Speaker at Union University

Los Angeles, USA:

  • 2011 - Guest lecturer at Biola University
  • 2010 - Guest at Indie Spirit Awards in Los Angeles after winning the BFLIX series
  • 2010 - Guest lecturer at Biola University
  • 2010 - Guest lecturer at Pepperdine University

Amman, Jordan:

  • 2009 - Sent to London, England and Amman, Jordan by the BBC to consult on a 30 episode Television series to be shot in the Middle East
  • 2004 - Sent to Amman to give two lectures on film and communication and consult on a film development project

New Jersey, USA:

  • 2007 - Part of a Filmmakers panel at the Garden State Film Festival alongside James Gandolfini (Sopranos) and Paul Carafotes (Club Soda)

Nassau, Bahamas:

  • 2007 - Andrew was invited to give a Q&A after the screening of his film The Accidental Activist during the Bahamas International Film Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland:

  • 2005 - Keynote speaker at the Scottish Bible Society Annual General meeting as their theme that year was engaging the culture through Film, Television and new Media)

Oxford, England:

  • 2004 - Guest lecturer at the Media Studies program at OCMS


  • 2004 - Guest judge for the Miss Gibraltar beauty pageant. That year, the panel of judges was drawn entirely from the Film and Television industry. Judging alongside Andrew was a Producer of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (UK), a Sky Channel News Anchor, a TV Stylist and a Make-up Artist)

Ephesus, Turkey:

  • 2002 - Andrew was flown to Turkey to give a Q&A during the premiere of his film: The Jesus Film (He directed the new 8 minute prologue for the re-release of the, by then, 25 year old Jesus Film)

Beirut, Lebanon:

  • 1999 - Weekend writing seminar in Beirut for the Arab Broadcaster Sat-7

Cairo, Egypt:

  • 1998 - Consulting along with David Adams (OCMS - Oxford) on programming with local writers, directors and producers who pitched them story ideas which they were then asked to critique. Commissioned by the Arab Broadcaster Sat-7
  • 1998 - Andrew was again flown to Cairo to give a workshop on directing for the Sat-7 channel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

  • 1997 - Guest judge at the annual KL Funk Dance Contest sponsored by the ASTRO Broadcast network. (Andrew was working as a producer for a Beverly Hills based production company on a series in KL at the time which was broadcast on ASTRO)
  • 1997 - Guest judge at a fashion show sponsored by HITZ FM, Malaysia’s No 1 radio station along with DJ Kudsia Kahar


New York, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at NYU
  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at NYCAM

Los Angeles, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at Biola

TV & Radio

TV & Radio

TV3 NZ (via London)

Joy, myself and our, then, sixth month old Elias, flew to the UK during the worst winter Britain had experienced in 30 years for Christmas with Joy's family in Leeds. The trip included a drive down to London for my interview with TV3's European Entertainment correspondent Kim Chisnell about "The Love Game" winning the Bflix competition. It was great having them there and adds to Elias' total of key events he's been present for with "The Love Game": from being on set during the filming when he was only a week and half old, to being at the premiere, the Hampton's International Film Festival, The Tribeca Screenings right up to the awards night and now an interview with one of my favorite NZ TV channels. Something I will tell him about when he's older for sure! Click here for the online TV3 article:  


NEWSTALK ZB Radio Interview

I was interviewed on Newstalk ZB's Sunday show, "Real Life" recently. The program has been "the top rated show for its time slot nationwide for the last six years."

 If you'd like to listen to the interview you can click on the player immediately below or download the interview here (41mb)

BFLIX Taxi Advert

I was riding a cab the other day and this advert popped up on the Taxi TV for the BFLIX promotion at Bloomingdale's. My film "The Love Game," is the first clip in the sequence. 




BFLIX Filmmaker's Panel - The Hamptons International Film Festival

The BFLIX five had a screening of their films at the 2009 H.I.F.F followed by a panel discussion titled "New Approaches to Reaching an Audience" with Directors Andrew Hunt, Amy Redford, Antonio Campos and actor Steven Lin. Moderated by the legendary John Sloss. Above are some photos from the event including a video of the panel session.

BFLIX Filmmaker's Panel - Tribeca, New York

This was during the promotional period of the nationwide BFLIX competition sponsored by Bloomingdale's. Four of the five directors and one of the actors came together in a panel at Tribeca after the screening of all five films. It was a fun night.

Thank you to Erica Swallow and Bradden Young who took the above photos and video of the evening.

Filmmaker's Panel on Storytelling at CBS, NEW YORK

"The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century" was a panel on writing for TV and Film that took place at CBS, New York in April, 2009. The panel included award winning filmmaker Andrew Hunt, Emmy-winning director DT Slouffman and News Correspondent Megan Alexander. Moderated by HD News Anchor Dave Cook. Above are some pics and a video of the event.

OSCAR NIGHT - Filmmaker's Panel at the Haven, New York

Andrew was invited to be on a panel with filmmaker Peter Bishai, Actress Anne Bates and Screenwriter Brennan Smith to discuss the films up for "Best Picture" during the 2008 Oscars show at the Haven in New York city. The five films that year: "Atonement", "Juno", "Michael Clayton", "No Country For Old Men", and "There Will Be Blood". Here are a couple of pics from the night along with a video of the discussion.

"The Accidental Activist" Post Screening Q&A - Bahamas Internationall Film Festival

Apologies for the poor quality of the video above - very little light in the theatre during the Q&A


Film Festivals

Film Festivals

Film Independent Spirit Awards LA 2010

Hamptons International Film Festival 2009

Garden State Film Festival 2008

NYC Downtown Short Film Festival 2008

Bahamas International Film Festival 2007

Garden State Film Festival 2007

Cannes International Film Festival 2003




Guest Lecturer at Baylor University's Film Class, New York

Guest Lecturer at The King's College, New York

Speaking at a Mastermedia fundraising event, New York

Speaking at Union University, Jackson, TN

Guest Lecturer at the 2009 World Journalism Institute, New York

Speaker and Curator of Annual Summer Film Series, New York

Keynote Speaker at the Mastermedia Annual Dinner, New York

Speaking at Columbia University, New York

Guest Lecturer at the 2008 World Journalism Institute, New York

Guest Speaker at the Priority Associates Annual Dinner, New York

Guest Lecturer at Writing Seminar in Beirut, Lebanon




BBC - London, England & Amaan, Jordan

In 2009 the BBC brought Andrew out to London and Amman to consult on a 30 episode drama series to be shot in the Middle East.

SAT-7 Network - Cairo, Egypt

In 1998 Andrew was sent out to Cairo, Egypt along with another consultant, David Adams from OCMS in Oxford, to meet with local writers, directors and producers who pitched them story ideas which they were then asked to critique. The work was commissioned by the Arab Broadcaster Sat-7.

Amaan, Jordan

In 2004 Andrew was sent to Amman to give two lectures on film and communication and consult on a film development project.


Guest Judge

Guest Judge

Speaking & Judging at the Union University Film Festival

Had the privilege of traveling down to Jackson, Tennessee to speak during Union University's annual film festival and judge some of the students work. It was a blast and there were some impressive films on display. 

Judging the 2004 Miss Gibraltar Beauty Pageant

Andrew was invited by the government of Gibraltar to be a judge for the 2004 Miss Gibraltar Beauty Pageant. The winner would represent Gibraltar at the Miss Worlds Beauty Pageant later that year. The panel of judges was selected from the entertainment industry and included a producer from the UK edition of "Who wants to be a Millionaire," a News Anchor for Sky News, a fashion stylist and a make up artist.