Andrew has made numerous appearances across the world. These include radio and television interviews, film festival panels, and post screening Q&A's. Additionally, he's had the privilege of being a guest lecturer and keynote speaker. Videos and/or pictures from some of the events are available via the links immediately below. For future appearance requests please contact: appearances at andrewhunt dot me

TV & Radio | Panelist | Film Festivals | Consultant | Lecturer | Judge


New York, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer, Asbury University
  • 2012 - Guest lecturer, Baylor University
  • 2011 - Guest lecturer at The King’s College
  • 2011 - Headline Guest on 1ZB National Radio’s “Real Life” 1hr live interview program (NZ)
  • 2011 - Guest speaker at Priority Associates annual dinner
  • 2011 - Host and lecturer of Summer Film Series in NY sponsored by Grace NYC
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer, Baylor University
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at TISCH School of the Arts - NYU (Twice in 2009)
  • 2009 - Panelist at CBS on The Art & Challenge of Storytelling
  • 2009 - Panelist at Hamptons International Film Festival
  • 2009 - Panelist at Tribecca Screening of BFLIX series
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at World Journalism Institute
  • 2009 - Guest speaker, Asbury College
  • 2009 - Guest lecturer at NYCAM (New York Center for Arts & Media)
  • 2009 - Guest speaker at Columbia University
  • 2008 - Guest lecturer at World Journalism Institute
  • 2008 - Keynote Speaker, Annual Dinner - Mastermedia
  • 2008 - Part of a panel of Filmmakers discussing the top five Oscar nominated films during an Oscar Screening Party at the Haven (a community of Artists in NYC)
  • 2007/8 - Guest speaker, Asbury College

Jackson, TN, USA:

  • 2012 - Guest Speaker at Union University

Los Angeles, USA:

  • 2011 - Guest lecturer at Biola University
  • 2010 - Guest at Indie Spirit Awards in Los Angeles after winning the BFLIX series
  • 2010 - Guest lecturer at Biola University
  • 2010 - Guest lecturer at Pepperdine University

Amman, Jordan:

  • 2009 - Sent to London, England and Amman, Jordan by the BBC to consult on a 30 episode Television series to be shot in the Middle East
  • 2004 - Sent to Amman to give two lectures on film and communication and consult on a film development project

New Jersey, USA:

  • 2007 - Part of a Filmmakers panel at the Garden State Film Festival alongside James Gandolfini (Sopranos) and Paul Carafotes (Club Soda)

Nassau, Bahamas:

  • 2007 - Andrew was invited to give a Q&A after the screening of his film The Accidental Activist during the Bahamas International Film Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland:

  • 2005 - Keynote speaker at the Scottish Bible Society Annual General meeting as their theme that year was engaging the culture through Film, Television and new Media)

Oxford, England:

  • 2004 - Guest lecturer at the Media Studies program at OCMS


  • 2004 - Guest judge for the Miss Gibraltar beauty pageant. That year, the panel of judges was drawn entirely from the Film and Television industry. Judging alongside Andrew was a Producer of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (UK), a Sky Channel News Anchor, a TV Stylist and a Make-up Artist)

Ephesus, Turkey:

  • 2002 - Andrew was flown to Turkey to give a Q&A during the premiere of his film: The Jesus Film (He directed the new 8 minute prologue for the re-release of the, by then, 25 year old Jesus Film)

Beirut, Lebanon:

  • 1999 - Weekend writing seminar in Beirut for the Arab Broadcaster Sat-7

Cairo, Egypt:

  • 1998 - Consulting along with David Adams (OCMS - Oxford) on programming with local writers, directors and producers who pitched them story ideas which they were then asked to critique. Commissioned by the Arab Broadcaster Sat-7
  • 1998 - Andrew was again flown to Cairo to give a workshop on directing for the Sat-7 channel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

  • 1997 - Guest judge at the annual KL Funk Dance Contest sponsored by the ASTRO Broadcast network. (Andrew was working as a producer for a Beverly Hills based production company on a series in KL at the time which was broadcast on ASTRO)
  • 1997 - Guest judge at a fashion show sponsored by HITZ FM, Malaysia’s No 1 radio station along with DJ Kudsia Kahar


New York, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at NYU
  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at NYCAM

Los Angeles, USA:

  • 2013 - Guest lecturer at Biola